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  • September 2016: Is Chiropractic Working if I still have symptoms?
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September 2016: Is Chiropractic Working if I still have symptoms?

                                                                                                                                                                                                             September 2016

C: You adjusted me and I still have symptoms. I don’t think it is working.

A: I really try to stress the importance of understanding that I do not treat symptoms. My purpose is to put the right energy into your nervous system to initiate the progression of healing and repair. The most vital thing to realize is that it’s not just what we do in the office but what you do outside of the office. Depending on how ready your body is to heal will determine the speed and degree at which your body will reduce its own symptoms.

Are you exercising, getting adequate rest, properly fueling and nourishing your body, de-stressing? If your answer is not a strong “yes” then expect to have delays in the rate of recovery and full function. Healing really is entirely in your court. I just believe that with the help of getting adjusted you are giving your body an essential boost in that process.
And remember, a process is something that always takes time.

Another factor to consider in the rate of healing is the amount of damage you have done to your nervous system over time. Physical, chemical and emotional stresses throughout life affect the efficiency of healing and repair. These layers of “crud” have been developing since you were introduced to the world. To expect a couple of visits to allow the clearing of these damages is unrealistic. I truly hope that symptoms do miraculously disappear after 1 visit, but should this happen the actual correction of the problem is still in work.
Unfortunately, in our society we have been trained to seek out the “quick fix” and this is to a large degree why we have a failing “health care” system. You have to put the work in and you have to commit to your health and to care.

On a bit of a tangent: Do we really not know how to invest in keeping ourselves healthy? Do we really not understand that the right way to heal is not a quick fix? Do we not realize that the effort we put in today is an investment in how healthy we will be as we age? Do we not know that waiting until our health crashes is not the right way to live a healthy and fulfilled life?

The scary thing is that even though these are Socratic questions I’m not sure most people do really know. The quote comes up that “to know is to do.”

What steps are you taking to better the life of you and those you care about. Are you happy with mediocrity or do you want yourself and those around you to thrive?

Remember, whether or not your symptoms improve, getting adjusted will always increase the function and potential of your body’s ability to perform. Chiropractic care is the best way I know how to help contribute to someone’s “fullness” of life.
I personally like to know that this is what I am striving for...

Yours in Health,

Dr. D.

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