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  • August 2018: Where to begin with care
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August 2018: Where to begin with care

Q:  Dr. D, should I start with Chiro or something else?  

A:  In an ideal world, I would recommend utilizing Chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, nutritional counselling, a fitness trainer, naturopathy, a mind/spiritual coach and the list could go on.  

Unfortunately, due to time and financial constraints all of these beneficial disciplines are not accessible to all of us.  The toughest question is; “Where do I start?”  

I am a Chiropractor, so if you come to see me I am going to explain the benefits of aligning the spine in order to clear the nervous system and will most likely recommend getting adjusted.  

If you go to a surgeon, they are going to recommend surgery.  If you go to a medical doctor, they are going to recommend medications.  If you go to a nutrition consultant, they will recommend changing your diet.  A massage therapist will recommend muscle work.  The biggest thing to understand when you are choosing a path is that each practitioner will use the tools that they have in order to help you.  Make sure to start with the one that not only makes the most sense to you but also best resonates with you.  

Since I have the floor, I am going to explain why I believe Chiropractic care is the physiological starting point in order to help your body optimally heal, repair and function.  

It is a natural law that the nervous system controls and regulates every function of the body.  When stresses overload the nervous system it will create dysfunction, symptoms and dis-ease.  By clearing and optimizing the function of the nervous system with adjustments, the body has the most natural and innate ability to heal and thrive.  Chiropractic care uses an inside-out approach to health care and will always try and identify the underlying cause.  Why not start with trusting the body’s innate ability to heal rather than attempting to band-aid, mask or trick it into healing?  

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Chiropractic care is the only beneficial approach.  If someone comes in to our office, the most honest thing I can say is that we will make sure to guide them in their best interest.  If the path is Chiropractic care, you can be sure I will recommend it.  If not, then you can also be sure that I will refer in the best possible direction.  We want our office to be an entry point for anyone who is looking to perform better, heal better and live better.  

If you or someone you care about is looking for answers concerning their health and wellbeing, we will always offer a FREE CONSULTATION to determine if our office is the right fit.     


We have just recently brought in two great massage therapists who will be able to provide another avenue of care. Massage works in great conjunction with Chiropractic care and we look forward to having them help us achieve our mission:  

To inspire families to reach for a higher potential  


Yours in Health,  

Dr. D 

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