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Managing Christmas Stress

At Douglasdale Family Chiropractic, we see when many of our patients are reaching "burn out", when patient's bodies are overload and have had enough. Often times, it is around Christmas that this burnout strikes with vengence. After all, brunch on Christmas Day with the in-laws, Christmas dinner at mom’s, Boxing Day dinner at Dad’s, get-togethers with friends and extended family before and after the holiday season, and not to mention all the shopping, cleaning and still having to work.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s on the forefront of everyone’s mind about how to keep up the healthy habits all while still enjoying the special occasions with friends and family members.  Here are 4 ways increase the nutrient content with each meal:
1. Eat your vegetables first. Eat the salad, roasted or boiled vegetables (yes, all the broccoli) before diving into the sweet treats. Eating your vegetables first will ensure you get in the fibre and nutrients your body needs before you fill up on bread, marshmallow sweet potatoes, and desserts.
2. Make nutrient dense, but still tasty, sweet treats to have and share with loved ones rather. This will help reduce the amount of sugar that you consume, will sneak in some whole food nutrients like fibre, vitamins and healthy fats.  Here are some great recipes for whole food desserts and treats that are sure to please:

- Snickers-Twix Bars
- Pumpkin Pie Tarts
- Apple Crisp
3. Savour the sweet treats. Everyone is always in a rush to eat their dessert, maybe it’s because they want to make sure they eat it all before their stomach realizes just how full it is. It’s okay to not eat it all! It’s okay to save some dessert for later, take a smaller piece or share with someone else! Sometimes all it takes to satisfy that sweet tooth or that craving is just a bite of the pie, cake or cookie.
4. Manage your stress! Christmas and the holiday season are meant to be a time spent with family, relaxing, enjoying each others company, playing games and eating yummy foods - but now it’s become the mad-dash to the mall, the stores, driving from one party or gathering to another in a snowstorm, all while the kids have a meltdown in the back seat.
            -  Say no or postpone certain obligations, spreading out the brunches, dinners, and get-togethers. “Christmas” celebrations can happen at any time, which will allow you to enjoy the time you get to spend with friends and family because it won’t be a rush to get in, get out and get on with the next celebration.
           -  Enjoy your downtime, take the time to watch Christmas movies, enjoy the time at home, bake with the kids and see Christmas lights or concerts.
           - Stick to your priorities - continue to go to the gym, eat healthy - as best as you can -, see your chiropractor, drink lots of water, take your supplements (especially greens, vitamins D and C), and take the time to be grateful for the people that surround you this holiday season.
          - Remember, Christmas comes just once a year! Enjoy it, make it a time to remember for yourself, your loved ones and especially your kids.

This holiday season, we are teaming up with HULL Services to help raise money and provide Christmas presents to children and families with mental health issues in our community. To contribute to this great cause, please drop off a new, unwrapped gift, gift card or make a cash donation at our office!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your team at Douglasdale Family Chiropractic.

Written by Lindsay Schwartz, Certified Nutrition Consultant. 

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