Are you accepting new patients?

Yes!  Please contact us at 403-279-2229 or email [email protected] to schedule.

What is the cost of the initial exam and what is included?

The initial exam is $100.

Included is a comprehensive health history, computerized spinal scans and x-rays (if needed).  Most importantly, the Doctor will complete a full Report of Findings to determine an individualized care plan based on your specific goals.

What is the cost of an adjustment?

Adjustments are $48.

How long do appointments take?

The initial exam will take 30-45 minutes.  

Your second visit, the Report of Findings, lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Subsequent adjustments will take less than 10 minutes.

What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is an expert in analyzing, aligning and optimizing the function of the spine and accessory joints.  In doing this, the performance of the nervous system optimizes which allows the body to better heal, repair and function.

Do I need to see a chiropractor?

From newborn to senior, or anyone in between, Chiropractic care can potentially help with symptom or pain relief, health optimization and/or preventative care.  Clearing the nervous system with spinal adjustments will add to your ability to optimally heal, repair and function.  If you are unsure of whether Chiropractic care is right for you and your family, please set up a free consultation with one of our Doctors.


What techniques do your chiropractors use?

At Douglasdale Family Chiropractic, we perform full spine manual adjustments to clear the nervous system from interference.  Although we occasionally implement Thompson drop and activator methods, our primary technique is Diversified adjusting.


Do you offer free consultations? Do I need to have a consultation before my initial exam?

We do offer free consultations to answer any questions you have about chiropractic care and to help determine if our office may be a fit for your health concerns and goals.

It is not necessary to have a consultation appointment before your initial exam.


Do you direct bill to insurance companies?

We do not direct bill to insurance companies.  A printed invoice will be provided with all the required information to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Motor Vehicle Accidents will be directly billed through their section A protocol.


Do I need a medical doctor’s note or referral to see a chiropractor?

No.   You can directly book with one of our primary care doctors.


Can I get adjusted during pregnancy?

Yes you can.  Getting adjusted during pregnancy is one of the most important times to get checked.  Considering all of the hormonal, emotional, physical, spiritual and physiological stresses that occur during these amazing 9 months, making sure you are as healthy as possible is essential.  Remember, the design, development and delivery of a baby is all neurologically controlled and optimizing the nervous system is the focus of Chiropractic care. 

Our Doctors also have training in Webster’s technique, which is specifically designed to help balance the mother’s pelvis and spine for delivery.


Can babies and children benefit from chiropractic care?

Definitely!  Chiropractic care has been proven to be a gentle, safe, effective and clinically successful option for children’s health.  If there are spinal misalignments, structural imbalances or dysfunctions in a child’s nervous system chiropractic care can possibly help.  For more information and studies on chiropractic care for infants and children please visit www.icpa4kids.org.


How often do I need to see a chiropractor?

This is completely dependent on your individual condition and more importantly, your overall health goals.  There are many factors that influence the speed of your recovery so the Doctor will always do his best to accurately estimate a protocol that will be most beneficial for you.  Then, you get to decide how you want to proceed.


Should I get adjusted even if I’m not in pain?

Yes!  If you choose, chiropractic care can be a healthy lifestyle choice.  Whether you feel symptoms or not, there is no ceiling for how well your nervous system can perform.  Just like eating healthy, getting adequate rest, exercising and keeping a positive mental focus, chiropractic care can help you invest in prevention and your future quality of life.


Do I need to get x-rays?  Why do I need to get x-rays?  Are x-rays safe?

Our Doctors will frequently obtain X-rays to determine, guide and explain your care.  Although they are not always necessary, their benefit is very apparent in establishing the underlying cause of your health concerns, determining a more accurate protocol of care and to create an awareness around any other possible hidden health issues.

X-rays are not typically performed on pregnant women and children.

Images these days are taken at very high speeds so they are not deemed as unsafe versus their benefit.  As far as radiation exposure, the typical views that our Doctors obtain have been compared to being in the sun for 10 minutes.

What else is offered at your clinic?

  • Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Holistic Nutrition Services (Metabolic Balance Coaching and Ideal Protein Weight Loss)
  • Top-Quality Supplements
  • Video Library with beneficial exercises and movements
  • ChiroFlow Water Based Pillows
  • Posture Perfectors
  • Professional connections with other suggested local practitioners such as: personal trainers, physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, organic mattresses, and spiritual / personal coaching (Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques, etc).

Office Hours

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