Health Resources

The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more wellness care information available on the internet.


Dr. Liu, Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist

Dental Care

Dr. Hans Meyer, Dental 360

Maxwell Dental, Holistic Approach Dentist

Dental Care - Orthodontics

Dr. Dahl, My Orthodontist

Massage Therapy

John Preskar, RMT

Jonny Grothe, RMT

Zorka Maric, RMT

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Salna Smith, Kale & Coffee Nutrition Services

Dr. Aliya Kabani , Seton Wellness Naturopathic Clinic

Ananta Health

Natural Flow to Health   

Fitness Centres 

Goodlife Fitness 

Anytime Fitness 

Orange Theory Fitness 

YYC Cycle

Fit Body Bootcamp

YMCA Calgary


Personal Trainers

Melissa Moore 

Lucy Dunne - Dunnebells

* Ask us for recommendations for Personal Trainers at GoodLife Fitness near us! 

Yoga Studios / Websites 

Breathe Hot Yoga

Soul Yoga Studio

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

My Yoga Works - Home Yoga

Energy Healing / Reiki: 

Austin Deck

Angela McPherson

Zorka Maric - Bio Energy Healing

Meal Prep Services

Fit Kitchen

Rooted Plant Based Meal Prep   

Nutrition Counselling, Services & Weight Loss

Ideal Protein

Metabolic Balance

Paula Willms, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant 

Health Food Stores

Planet Organic

Amaranth Foods

Willow Natural Foods

Calgary Farmers Market

Fresh & Local Produce Market

Thought and Meditation

Mental Health

One Love Float

Float Life

Calm App

Insight Timer

Safe Skin Care

Think Dirty App

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

The Apothecary  

Mattresses and Sleep Improvement

Sleep Hygiene Tips

Black Sheep Local & Custom Mattress

Sleep Boutique 

ChiroFlow Waterbased Pillows   

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Traveling from the South:
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