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Meet Dr. Derrick Nolan

Meet Dr. Derrick Nolan

I really hurt my back playing rugby in High School.   Chiropractic care was the only thing that helped me get my life back – it helped me do the things I wanted to do.  Nothing was working and the debilitating pain and dysfunction was becoming chronic.  It took a long time of trial and error till I discovered chiropractic care and all the benefits of regular care.  As a result of my journey, I have first-hand experience trying to find someone who really understands health and healing and gives compassionate long-term health care to those near and dear to me.  I use the most advanced gentle care approaches for patients of all ages and I particularly like to watch how quickly patients recover – especially newborn and younger children.

In over 20 years of practice, I have devoted countless hours to become an expert in natural non-invasive health and healing.  I regularly share cutting-edge information on stress, concussions, and ADHD by giving interactive talks and demonstrations to moms, teachers and business groups in our community.  I delight in helping others reach their full potential as well as sharing how chiropractic adjustments unleash our full healing potential.

When not putting out fires as a volunteer firefighter, walking dogs, running marathons or racing bikes, you can find me scrambling in the mountains with my two kids and wonderful wife.  In my spare time, I continue to feed my passion for lifelong learning by researching the latest in health and wellness and practicing karate.

I am committed and excited to help the families of our community express their full innate potential at Douglasdale Family Chiropractic.


“We never know how far reaching something we may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” –B.J. Palmer

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