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Your Second Visit

Avoid relapse with regular visits.During your second visit to our office, we will review with you any x-rays you may have had done, the spinal scans we did with you on your first visit and answer any questions you may have.  We will also further expand on the importance of chiropractic care. Please reserve approximately 15 minutes for your visit and feel free to bring a family member or loved one to ensure any questions can be answered as they arise.

A Typical Office Visit

Thereafter, chiropractic visits are efficient. We ask that when the Chiropractic Assistants inform you of which room you may proceed to that you lie face down on the adjusting table – this allows your body to take the weight off the spine which allows for a better adjustment.

Our practice provides a very friendly atmosphere. We are very proud of our family practice and encourage you to bring your children along with you to get checked and even adjusted as well.

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