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Building a Community through Chiropractic

Q:  Dr. D, are you still accepting new patients?

A:  Yes.

I believe there is still an abundant opportunity to help the one’s we care about become healthier and more wellness conscious.  I believe that if we (as a whole) invest in the health of those we love now we will change the path of our innate expression and improve our community’s quality of life.  Pretty heavy, even for me…  It follows that my ideal new patients manifest from the families who are already practice members and align with our purpose.

What is our purpose?  My team and I have put a lot of effort into coming up with three intentions that we feel will allow our office to serve our community in the most optimum way:

* Our purpose is to create lifetimes of optimum potential by inspiring leaders who encourage the body’s innate power to thrive.

* Our mission is to create immeasurable value to the families we serve.

We envision every practice member having family here.

I do my best to educate people that come in to our office about the potential health benefits of chiropractic.  I will always honour the decision that someone makes in their journey from there, but at least I can trust the choice is made in an educated way.  The most inspiring part in this opportunity is that someone cared enough to refer another to the possibilities of a better expression of themselves.  This is why “I envision every practice member having family at our office”.   Families adjusted together, ‘resonate’ at a higher level together.

In writing this post, I do not think that those of you who know me think it is a business tactic.  I genuinely care about the investment people make in themselves because I see far too many people just “getting by”, suffering and in ill health.  Remember, the people around you, especially those that love you, would always want you to be the best expression of yourself.  I also know that people would genuinely want this for others.

So, take some time to think about who you feel may benefit from chiropractic care and offer them a possibility.  I trust that those who resonate with our vision will become a ‘leader’ in their own way to help those they care about reach for a higher potential.

And for those of you who already have, you have shown me the greatest compliment I could receive.  It allows me to serve my purpose in the best way I know how.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D

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