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The 5 Pillars of Optimum Health

Woman in yoga pose

1. Optimum nerve function

Your nervous system controls every aspect of the human experience. If it is functioning at its best level, your body is able to self-heal, self-regulate and self-optimize. When this system is interfered with, this ability is compromised. As chiropractors, we look to detect and correct interference with your nervous system to allow this free flow of energy to innately optimize. So…Get adjusted!

2. Exercise

Exercise parameters will be different for everyone but the most important part of this pillar is movement. Exercise does not have to be so strenuous that it stresses your body but should be a consistent routine and rhythm that everyone puts into their schedule. Swim, bike, run, walk, lift weights, yoga, hike… There is definitely no shortage of what can be done, no matter what your condition. Find what you enjoy doing and get moving!

3. Plentiful Rest

A big void in many lives today. This isn’t just sleeping 6-9 hours per night. It is also giving your body and mind a rest at times throughout the day. Pushing too hard, being stressed andnever slowing down is taxing on your nervous system and doesn’t allow you to adequatelyrepair and heal. Being stuck in an anxiety-laden life also shuts down your body’s ability to regulate itself. Get your rest and break through your health and lifestyle constraints. Expand your abilities by re-charging. Chill out, relax.

4. Nutrition

There is no secret that the fuel we put into our body directly affects our health. The problem in our society is that most of the foods readily available to us are crap. Moving toward an organic, whole food diet is easily one of the most influential factors in optimizing well-being. Spend a little less at Starbucks and buy some higher quality foods. Invest in the changes now to affect the existing path of your health for your future quality of life.

5. Positive Attitude & Mental Wellness

It seems that the people who have a consistently positive attitude are those people that make the most of their life. Those that are consistently negative seem to have everything go wrong. Hmmm…Having a positive mental attitude and focus has a profound and scientifically proven effect on all aspects of life. Find those things that make you happy and grateful and make time for them. Reward yourself.

Get Started Today

These 5 pillars are all lifestyle choices and are completely your responsibility. You can’t do just one and expect to live an abundant life. All have immense importance and are pieces to an amazing puzzle. We will never be perfect at all of them but I promise that if you put your efforts into optimizing them, you will be able to live a longer, happier, healthier life…For you and those you love.


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