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9 Ways To Find Relief from Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Relief

Do you have arthritis? Here are some tips to reduce the amount of pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease affecting the integrity and functionality of joints. The result is swelling and inflammation of the joints as the body attacks itself, and if left unchecked, it can damage the cartilage surrounding the joint.

All damage caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis is irreversible. The symptoms associated can be addressed with prescription and over the counter anti-inflammatories and painkillers. While they are effective, they are not the only means of relieving arthritis pain.

There are benefits of chiropractic care for those suffering from arthritis pain, as well as other means of finding relief. Rheumatoid arthritis isn’t treated with a high-velocity back adjustment. Rather, your chiropractic offers a gentle manipulation of the joint and the surrounding tissue to relieve tenderness and improve range of motion.

Alternatively, additional therapies such as ultrasound, electrotherapy and infrared sauna may be used to alleviate arthritis pain without manipulation of the affected joint.

Remember, if an arthritic joint has caused a shift in a movement pattern, like walking, it will place stress on other joints. In addressing those joints, a chiropractor can reduce associated pain significantly.

Whatever you do, make sure to be extremely careful when seeking treatment for an inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis. It is not advised that a patient with active swelling in the joints visit a chiropractor. Make sure that your chiropractor takes that time to take a full medical history, and examines the joints before determining the best form of treatment.

Other forms of arthritis relief include:

  1. Weight-loss: excess weight can put a lot of strain on joints. Especially the knees, hips, and ankles. Losing weight can help alleviate pain, increase the range of motion, and the stability of joints. Slow and consistent weight loss through proper nutrition an exercise is recommended to increases chances of sustainability.
  2. Exercise: The type and frequency of exercise depend on the amount of joint pain experienced. Yoga can be beneficial for maintaining joint mobility, balance, and agility. Resistance training can help build up the muscle around the affected joints providing more stability. Low impact aerobic exercise, such as swimming or cycling, will improve cardiovascular endurance and control weight. One should refrain from exercise during a flare up, or if the movement required causes inflammation.
  3. Rest: As important as exercise is when it comes to improving joint health, rest is equally valuable. Rest helps reduce joint inflammation, pain and fatigue. It is important to take the time to slow down and rest when your body demands it, but recognize that rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t demand immobility or validate a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Nutrition: Try to keep inflammatory and overly processed foods off your plate. Opt instead for foods that are high in healthy fats. Focus on including deep sea fish, like salmon, tuna, and halibut in your meals. Incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables as well as fat sources, such as olive oil and avocado. Eat to promote a healthy body composition.

Though none of these methods will cure Rheumatoid Arthritis, they can help minimize the effect the disease has on quality of life.


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