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  • July 2018: Thoughts and Reality
    Mindset is a frequently discussed topic, it is the thoughts we have surrounding topics, ourselves and the world around us. Our mindset, our thoughts and how we interact with both play a role in determining our reality. Read more
  • February 2018: Learning about the Opioid Epidemic and Chiropractic
    Douglasdale Family Chiropractic attended one of the biggest Chiropractic and Wellness based Seminars. There was growing concern, education and awareness surrounding the Opioid Epidemic that society is currently facing and the role chiropractic plays in the issue. Opioids are generally prescribed as a pain-reliever for severe pain, but often times, it does not work to the degree or the intent it should. Read more
  • April 2018: Chiropractic Care and Scoliosis
    Dr. Darren discusses scoliosis, the types of scoliosis and how chiropractic can help scoliosis because chiropractic is allowing the nervous system to function more optimally which in turn allows for better motion and prevent further damage to the spine. Read more
  • May 2018: Health: The Big Idea
    Unlike many things in the world, we get to choose our environment; we get to choose how we grow, where we grow and the rate at which we grow. Choose your environment wisely and use chiropractic to nurture your growth. Read more
  • December 2017: Wellness Care
    Dr. Darren discusses the science behind wellness chiropractic care, being checked every 2 weeks. Wellness care not only keeps practice member functioning at optimum levels, it also helps practice members to reduce the pain, damage or symptoms that could be done should they get sick, injured or endure high stress. Read more
  • October 2017: Adjustments for Better Health
    Dr. Darren discusses the opposing opinions of chiropractic care and acknowledges the fear associated with chiropractic. Chiropractic care is safe, effective and evidence-based and it is important to make informed decisions regarding your health. Read more
  • July 2017: Does Chiropractic Cure?
    Dr. Darren discusses the principles of chiropractic care and how it is not a pain-based profession, the doctor does not cure. The energy put into the body allows the body to heal. Read more
  • June 2017: Labour of Love
    Spring has sprung, our minds have cleared. Where does your heart lie? What are you going to do different this year? Read more
  • May 2017: The Role of a Mother
    Mothers are the cornerstone in many families, they care for everything and everyone, but often fall short on themselves. Read more
  • March 2017: Chiropractic Care and Strokes
    Dr. Darren discusses the misconception of chiropractic care being linked to strokes. He explains how important it is to educate ourselves on the topics that involve our health. Read more
  • December 2016: Pain and the Healing Process
    Pain is part of the healing process and although we would like to see the pain go away immediately, and stay away, pain is your body's way of communicating with you. If you are taking the steps in the right direction to heal your body, the pain should subside. Read more
  • November 2016: History of Chiropractic
    Chiropractic was founded by D.D. and B.J. Palmer, but Chiropractic has been practiced since 2500 BC In the last few years, chiropractic has become more known for it's pain relieving benefits. Read more
  • October 2016: Important of the Nervous System
    The nervous system is the controller of everything within the body. Dr. Darren discusses why he feels the constant need to reference the nervous system. Read more
  • June 2016: Chiropractic Adjustments and Pregnancy
    Pregnancy and babies are one of life's greatest miracles. Having a nervous system that is free and clear of interferences allows life to take control and allows the nervous system to optimize and grow a baby. Read more
  • July 2016: The Innate Force and Chiropractic
    Does the body heal itself? Chiropractic unblocks interferences within the body to allow the energies within the body to flow freely which allows the body to function, heal and repair optimally. Read more
  • May 2016: Chemical Stress and our Health
    There are millions of chemicals in the world, we are exposed to them all day everyday and they have a huge impact on our health. Chiropratic care, eating good quality food and the products we use help to manage the chemical stress. Read more

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