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Chiropractic Wellness Care

Q:  How often should I come in for Wellness care?
A: I believe that everyone has a primary desire to be healthy and wants to live a vital, fulfilling life.  A key concept of Chiropractic care is not just that it is beneficial for headaches, back pain and other symptoms, it is essentially designed to remove nerve interference, restore health and allow you to perform and function at an optimum level.  In understanding this, it is the mission of our office to inspire families to reach for a higher potential.
When the graduation to Wellness care becomes an option I will generally recommend getting checked every 2 weeks.  This is the schedule that I religiously hold my family to so I would not recommend anything different for anyone else.  Some practice members choose to get adjusted on a more frequent basis and I also have others who choose to come in once a month.  My usual recommendation of 2 times per month, however, is not only based on my experience and professional opinion but is also scientifically supported.
Our nervous system is quite resistant to damage and can rebound from stress if given the appropriate support to heal.  This healing ability is called “neural plasticity”.  However, studies have shown that if the nervous system is subject to consistent stress for a period longer than 2 weeks we start to lose the ability to rebound from this damage.  Injury and dysfunction can then become more permanent and severe.  If this compromised nerve function goes uncorrected, it is impossible for our body to regenerate and revitalize as it should.  We then continue to perform at a lesser level and will narrow our lifestyle to fit the compromise; exactly the opposite of full life expression.
So for those who resonate with our purpose, use Wellness Chiropractic adjustments as a tool to discover and achieve a richer and more rewarding life experience for you and those you care about.
…”See you in 2 weeks”


Yours in Health,
Dr. D


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