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Let Love Bloom

Spring, though postponed with the rainy cool temperatures and snow, has continued to warm through and awaken the earth once again.  With the buds showing up to leaf and to blossom, the bent over seniors in the neighborhood have come out as well.  I see them slowly shuffling from the shed to the warming soil plots and back again.  They are getting everything ready to receive the seeds and seedlings.   It will be a better year than last. alex-blajan-84693  Maybe an early morning frost will get the young ones and delay the growth like it did that cold, cold morning we had five years ago.   We may have a long Indian summer with all the green persisting much longer than it usually does.  Or we may get an early snowfall – like we did seven years ago – that will freeze the still green leaves to the branches.

Watching the ancient gardeners tottering and shakily stepping back and forth I can’t help but admire their determined persistence.   Preparing just the right location for just the right plant.   The full sun-loving ones here, the shade-loving ones there.   These plants will be moved in two weeks – those in three, or maybe four.   They will have to till when the weeds come through over here – which will be a bit before the other garden bed because of the shade cover and resulting lower temperatures.   The thoughtfulness, care, time and consideration that brings forth the wonderful gardens can only be described with one word: Love.

The phrase offered up by non-gardeners to explain what appears to them to be a futile behavior is ‘labour of love’.    Though gardening involves bending and lifting, shoveling and tilling, skinned knuckles and relentless weather – from too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet, there is no labour, only Love.

Though we are all a product of our environment, the seed of greatness is present in all of us.  The labour that brings us into this world is only Love.   The beautiful warm blessing force that pulls us along to bud, blossom, and bloom is similarly described.   Be the best apple tree that you can be
.   Think long term while exercising values-based decisions when choosing your soil and appreciate yourself as the miracle that you are.

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Dr. Derrick Nolan, DC

“We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” ~ B.J. Palmer

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