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Dr. Darren Scheirman

Dr. Darren Scheirman and familyAs a kid I was always involved with sports. I competed and ranked nationally as a wrestler and played international rugby in Australia, the USA and Canada.

Because of my interest in competition and pushing limits, I was constantly looking to create an edge that would optimize my abilities. Being involved in these sports taught me that the elite athletes were always the ones investing extra time into doing things that helped them better heal and repair. More importantly, they were investing in creating a higher level of function, strength, endurance, and power because of a few critical health choices. Chiropractic care was one of the essential tools in reaching for that optimum potential.
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Dr. Derrick Nolan


Dr Nolan can help you. With more than two decades of experience helping thousands of patients and having personally encountered all the sprains/strains, pulls/tears, injuries and fractures that an active competitive lifestyle brings, I will be able to help you – either directly myself or by tapping into my extensive network to find the just the right team for you and what you want.

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Dr. Paul McConnell


Dr. Paul believes that health care should focus on a multidimensional approach including care of the human frame, balancing the function of the central nervous system, nutrition, exercise and stress management.

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Dr. Raymond Liu

Dr. Raymond Liu was a Medical Doctor and a Professor in China. He received professional training at Tianjin Medical University for 5 years, and additional advanced training at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (3 years). Dr. Liu received his Bachelor of Medicine in 1987 and Masters Degree in 1993. He is currently a Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta. Dr. Liu has more than 25 years of clinical experience in Chinese & Western Medicine.

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