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The Belief of Ghosts, the Belief of Chiropractic

Around the time of Halloween, I often hear “I don’t believe in ghosts!”  This is said in jest and joy and to elicit some fear and trepidation in all those who dare to listen.

This phrase is oft-repeated by a naïve child to their friends with a hint of excitement for a treat and a touch of fear in anticipation of a trick.  At this time of year, it delightfully displays the dance of the imagination.

Reflecting on this has made me want to comment on the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  I foster the magic and excitement making absolutely sure that my young child feels safe and secure –and that I am always near- when venturing out to collect all the treats that life has to offer.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is amplified even more when I hear the phrase “I don’t believe in Chiropractic.”  I am always curious as to the motivation behind this oft-repeated phrase.  The naïve commenter, if (s)he has looked at all, has been blinded to objective quantifiable knowledge – the bedrock upon which the principles of chiropractic is based.  I wonder what suffering and fear the naïve commenter must be carrying to propagate such fear and trepidation.  I have searched for motivations behind repeated falsehood and see no wisdom.

We were born to be healthy.  The bigness of the fellow within is constantly striving to make things right given the internal and external environment.  It behooves us to be conscious of the choices we make – as they have profound effects in and all around us.

The trick and the treat are one and the same – The body needs no help just no interference.

Believe it or not!

Happy Halloween

Dr. Derrick Nolan

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