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The Choice of Chiropractic Care is Yours -

Q: Dr. D., I want to get adjusted but I’ve “heard” that I shouldn’t. 

A: I completely understand.
With the amount of media scrutiny, polar oppositional views and dogma on what seems like every topic that comes our way, I can see why this comment has come into my office on numerous occasions.

Before making a decision, especially on one as important as your health, I always highly encourage anyone to get as much information as possible about what it is they are considering.
Unfortunately, many of our decisions are made for us with an underlying motivation guided by fear.  To me, this is not a healthy or effective way to choose your path and our society is riddled with these ill-informed and fear-based opinions.

One of the primary goals of our office is to educate families about the benefits (and also concerns) of care so that they can make a fully informed choice to move forward based on what really resonates with them.  By approaching care in this way, the decision is one that stems from empowerment, not fear.

I will always entertain and respect the opinions of others about Chiropractic care and what I do.  However, if negative, phobia-based views are relayed, I would always encourage finding out the source of information and whether that opinion has logical scientific validity with a respectable source behind it.
I would not necessarily ask my plumber about how my electrician should do his work.

So, in supporting Chiropractic, for those of you who have already chosen to be adjusted, and for those of you who may want to consider it, here are a few brief but powerful ideas to consider: 

  • Chiropractic care is the most natural, scientifically supported and clinically successful healthcare paradigm that exists. 
  • Chiropractic care is safe, evidence-based and effective. 
  • Chiropractic is based on the natural biological law that everything you need to function and be optimally healthy is innately within you. 

Remember, you and your family’s health is always your responsibility.  Use information and accurate opinions as your guide but make sure that the only one choosing your path is you.  Be empowered about your choices, and you can feel innately encouraged about your decisions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D 


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