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Will Chiropractic Fix Me?

Q:  Dr. D, will you be able to fix me? 

A:  Dr. D:  B.J. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, had an amazing way of describing what Chiropractic is and the principles that it is based upon.  There is a quote out of his 1949 book “This Bigness of the Fellow Within” which explains the real power that heals you; which is definitely not me. 


The D.C. does not cure dis-ease. 

He cannot. 

That is done by the flowing forces within you. 

It is electricity which produces light – not the man who turns on the switch. 

It is steam which gives you heat – not the man who turns on the valve. 

It is water which grows fruit – not the man who opens the faucet. 

It is the force within you which gives you life, makes you live; which interfered with, makes you sick; which, restored, makes you healthy again. 

All any Chiropractor does or can do, is to adjust the cause; all else that follows comes from within you, the same as it did when you were well. 

The Chiropractor pays little if any, attention to symptoms or pathologies, finds no necessity to diagnose or treat abnormal products or by-products but does give scientific and efficient research to the natural, normal producer 

To the Chiropractor, there is only one dis-ease 

-one cause 

-one cure 

-he does not treat dis-ease in any manner, shape or form 

-all he does is adjust cause 

-after which you cure yourself 

-from your own inherent forces. 

It is as simple as that! -B.J. Palmer 

The “cause” that B.J. Palmer is referring to is nerve interference.  This impedes the body’s innate ability to heal, repair and function optimally.  Adjustments can definitely reduce the stress on the nervous system but it is always then up to the individual’s own capacity to heal and repair. 

Because of this, I always encourage people to realize that whenever they see great results from being under Chiropractic care it is always your body that deserves the credit.  Just the same, if expectations are not met or results don’t come as they should, then it is also to your body’s credit.  If this is the case and you are already being adjusted consistently then it becomes very important to reflect on what else you can add or eliminate to minimize the “cause” of your delay.  By putting additional energy into eating right, de-stressing, exercising and getting adequate rest, your innate will naturally boost to allow for a fuller expression of health. 

Besides getting adjusted, what else could you do? 


Yours in health, 

Dr. D 

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